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panoramic x-ray, radiograph

Panoramic X-Ray

Our panoramic x-ray machine is digital and allows us to check the health and position of your teeth. It also allows the dentists to see the bones of your jaw to check for disease, monitor growth or locate wisdom teeth.  Our dentists recommend that you have one taken every 5-7 years to monitor your overall oral health.  We routinely take them once a child is about 8 years old to see if they are developing normally and if all of their adult teeth are developing.  This allows us to intervene if necessary to help correct abnormalities.  Panoramic x-rays are taken before orthodontic treatment (braces) is started to plan the course of treatment.  We also take them before wisdom teeth are extracted to locate the wisdom teeth as well as the location of the nerves and sinuses to assess the risks of the procedure.  Routinely taking a panoramic x-ray helps our dentists detect problems while they are hopefully small – from impacted wisdom teeth to missing adult teeth, from cysts growing in your jaw bone to oral cancers.  These panoramic x-rays give the dentist and you a great overall view of your mouth.


Check out our blog post about panoramic x-rays for more information.

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